Running orders and stage times

Running orders and stage times will be announced next week, when final places are confirmed


Just to confirm that the first AWOD festival outside of London, takes place from the 10-13th September 2015. It’s happening across 2 stages at the fantastic Hairy Dog venue. Already working on it and have a couple of major names confirming their appearances shortly.

Kunt & The Gang

Sadly, my main support to Peter & the Test-Tube Babies, Kunt & The Gang, has had to pull out due to having an operation in early Feb. I hadn’t been able to announce because of his Xmas gig commitments but it’ll save me a job now as he’s no longer able to appear. Expect to see Kunt & the Gang at AWODNorth in Derby in September. Best wishes to Kunt for a speedy and complete recovery in Feb.

AWOD2015 – The next chapter

So the line-ups are all but completed for AWOD2015 and yeah, of course, it’s the biggest yet….. but you knew I was gonna say that!

This year I’ve tried to change things a bit cos I listened to your feedback. So I’ve lightened the mood a little from the get go with Peter & The Test-Tube Babies headlining Day 1 on Thursday Feb 26th. In fact that whole first night line up is very much a ‘balls-out’ punk rock event and should be a right good evening.

Fellow AWOD debutants the Varukers are set to storm it on Day 2 and with Angelic Upstarts, The Oppressed and Oi Polloi bringing the whole thing to an unbelievable crescendo on our final night. But….. for our Saturday all sayer, not only are we privileged to be able to bring you the long awaited return of Punkabilly legends the Celtic Bones but also, all the way from Portland, Oregon for a one-off exclusive set just for AWOD we bring you the greateset hardcore band in the world, Millions Of Dead Cops. MDC have not graced a UK stage for over six years and the Celtic Bones have not ¬†played a single gig in that same time-frame.

Simply put, another unmissable four days!…. can’t wait